SauvSo - The inventor

Pascal Guillemette, a pioneer and a visionary man, has always been very interested by the use of renewable energy. He learned very young his profession as a truck driver. Quick witted and attentive, he developed his sense of observation during his many trips. It was while driving that the idea of protecting solar panels against the elements has germinated. Gradually he has defined his idea of a retractable arm, automated, optimized and secured.

The project being well drawn in his mind, he was ready to materialize it. First, he contacted an engineer in order to develop and test the prototype. December 2009, the tests showed positive results. He then made sure to protect his idea and applied for a patent. The use of renewable energy being a global concern, he asked for an international patent. He got it in United States and Japan and pending in Europe and other countries. This allows more business opportunity.

The product was unveiled at the International Solar Energy in October 2010 in Los Angeles and au.Salon Intersolar Europe in Munich in 2012. These visits allowed to acquire a certain amount of ideas relating to product design and adapt to new technologies. It is now in the development stage of the final product.

Last modified 2016-02-24